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Youth, Sports and Culture Unveils Plan For 2018

St Kitts and Nevis (WINN): The Ministry of Youth, Culture and Sports is working assiduously to engage the youth within the St. Kitts and Nevis community, and such engagement will ultimately lead to the economic development of our country. So says Permanent Secretary Stanley Knight.

“We are right now within the Ministry of Youth Sports and Culture we are looking at what is called a Healthy Communities initiative, where we strongly feel where through engagement, through having persons involved in cultural activities, sporting activities, community groups, organizations, clubs, on a weekly basis, not just that persons are coming but we actually go out to communities and engage the community that by doing this we will produce a healthier nation. Healthier not just in terms of physical or medical health, but also social health, the decrease in gang enrollment in violence within our community, in conflicts within our community, the improvement in the economic and financial well-being of our communities. It is an all-encompassing vision and initiative that we think will definitely uplift the Federation of St Kitts and Nevis.”

Knight also provided an overview of some of the plans that his ministry has for 2018.

“We this year hope to be launching an initiative where we will be crafting for the first time a national sports policy. We have had frameworks, OECS frameworks, we have had different things in the past but we are going to be doing a national sports policy which is based on the three pillar framework as recommended by UNESCO which is sports for all, sports for development and sports for national excellence.”

Permanent Secretary Knight further disclosed that there are plans to unveil a multi-purpose facility to help with meeting some of the objectives of his ministry.

“We will also during the course of this year be unveiling what is right now just dubbed the flex center, you’ll be hearing more about that but what it is we are redefining the purpose at the Carnival Village area, where we are not only creating a cultural and performing arts center, but we are hoping to create a center that can also host indoor sports such as basketball, netball, volleyball.”

Ultimately, the Ministry of Youth, Sport and Culture’s goal is to create an environment that encourages every individual to participate in various activities, according to Permanent Secretary Knight.

“We want to create a culture where every citizen from the cradle to the grave gets an opportunity to participate in sports, to witness sports and to have a general overall increased healthy lifestyle.”

Unconfirmed reports indicate that the drive is on to have the groundbreaking exercises for the multipurpose facility by the end of the summer.