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NEMA Coordinator On Tsunami Warnings: “Be Vigilant”

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St Kitts and Nevis (WINN): In the wake of a 7.6 earthquake off the coast of Honduras in Central America that triggered a tsunami warning for the immediate region, National Emergency Management Agency Coordinator, Mr. Carl Herbert, has indicated we have the all-clear sign.

“…Around 12:55 am our time the Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre that gives out alerts indicated that there was no longer a threat of a tsunami to the region. I want to use this opportunity to remind persons that we live in an area that is seismically active and we do get earthquakes from time to time and last year we undertook a project to erect some tsunami signs and we will be trying to source additional money to install some more signs. So we want the public to be aware of the signs as they drive, there’s no need to panic as they move around whether by foot or by vehicle, to note where the signs are and in the event that we have to alert persons we will use radio, television, cell to advise the public accordingly. So we want you to pay attention to the public service announcements that have been going for several years now and to be aware of what they should do if such a threat was to be given.”

Mr. Herbert also indicated that even though tsunami watches may be few and far between that we always have to be vigilant.

“As I said before we live in a seismic active region and so that is why from time to time we do get earthquakes. Quite often we get some which the public is not aware of because they are not strong enough to be felt so again we are asking persons not to panic, there’s no need for that but be aware of your surroundings and be aware of the signage and the principle is if there is a need for evacuation to safety then we’ll be asking persons to move to higher ground in order to get further information as necessary.”