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More Break-Ins; Police Admonish Residents To Be Vigilant


St Kitts and Nevis (WINN): The High Command of the Royal St. Christopher and Nevis Police Force continues to implore residents to be vigilant, particularly during this Christmas/ Carnival season. The Police are also admonishing residents to immediately report any suspicious activities within the communities.

The appeal comes on the heels on a number of break-ins over the weekend period.

Several members of the public also voiced their displeasure and disgust over at least three break ins at the Seventh Day Adventist Primary School, which resulted in the theft of several fans and microwaves, on WINN FM’s Breakfast Show. Others utilized various social media platforms to show their vexation.

WINN FM reached out to the school’s Principal, Yvette Pemberton Blanchette, who denounced the forced entries.

Pemberton Blanchette disclosed that an intruder(s) broke into the educational institution last Thursday night, around 8, last Friday night and in the early morning hours of December 4. She also revealed that during the first attempt, the intruder or intruders disconnected the school’s electricity supply but the alarm system was still triggered.

Students were scheduled to have a final day of revision last Friday and the start of their exams on Monday, December 4, but the schedule had to be adjusted because of the power interruption and to facilitate the investigations of the Police. Final exams will start on Tuesday, December 5.

The intruder (s) was apparently well prepared with tools, according to the school’s principal, as they were able to expertly remove the windows, to gain entry. There were also tell-tale signs that the intruders had intentions to return, as several valuable items were moved to a central location for apparent extraction.

The school head noted that the quick succession of the break-ins was very alarming but applauded the Police for their quick response, each time.