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“Dude’s Got To Go” Says Jamaican Roots US Democratic Candidate


News Americas, NEW YORK,
NY, Weds. Oct. 16, 2019
The 6th U.S. Democratic Presidential
debate last night for the first time featured 12 contenders, including Jamaican
roots candidate, Senator Kamala Harris.

while the focus was on a number of top issues including impeachment, the
Ukraine conversation and the pull out of American troops from northern Syria, it
was Senator Harris’ “Dude’s Got To Go” comment that
actually many perked up.

The phrase was soon being
tweeted about with some joking that it could become her campaign slogan while
others posting funny memes.

Gene Taylor tweeted: “The
Dude gotta go’…love it. New campaign slogan!;” ErinPCapuano tweeted: “@KamalaHarris’s
new campaign slogan, “Dude’s gotta go” she’s my damn president
#DemocraticDebate” while Aasif Mandvi added: “@KamalaHarris just introduced her
2020 slogan “Dude gotta go!” #DemocraticDebate.”

Arianna Huffington weighed in by tweeting: “Assignment for everybody tomorrow: work ‘dude gotta go’ into casual conversation. #DemDebate4.”

Meanwhile, Harris also opened up about her Jamaican father, sharing that he was arrested three times for driving under the influence before being forced to choose treatment or go to jail.

She said she choose treatment and “pursued by grace,” he was able to kick the habit and not lives in an assisted living facility where he is still visited by an AA group.

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